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Do we believe in soul mates or just compatibility?

Posted on: martie 16, 2010

Very often i wondered about the question (that by the way we hear everywhere): do u think in life u have one big love, and that’s it? if u miss it..well, ur fault! Hmm. i never got a straight answer to it..but to be sincere i used to think it’s romantic to have just  one big love in life.. after that another question comes to my mind: if u come to analyze the principle a little bit, how, in fact, can we measure and quantify love? My guess is that we can’t! of course love is all the time different, depending on so many causes and circumstances, even the place where u fall in love is important and very relevant for the in-loved ones and their future together. It’s important because it’s part of their past together, their memories that no-one can ever take away, it’s a distinctive sign among others. As the feelings evolve u start not to see the world around u, or even if u do notice it, it doesn’t have so much relevance  anyway. U don’t forget the other people, just that ur cloud is very white and soft and fluffy and nothing in the world can make it durty 🙂

But i started writing about something and i went to far with another one. The question that i often put myself now is: do people believe in soul mates or compatibility? Because for me they are different terms, with different semnifications and different feelings that corespond to them. Compatibility is settleing for a person that u understand eachother with and u have comun values on life and u share the same activities and hobbies and u think that all togheter these make u happy (maybe even for the rest of ur live). Well compatibility can be good, can last u a lifetime i guess, but for me it’s kind of boring. Compatibility without passion and impuls, and feeling like u can’t live sometimes without the one next to u…i don’t think it’s for me anyway! But that doesn’t necesarily mean that i believe in soul mates, or maybe i do? See, i’m still not too decided, but, one thing that i believe in, is: love at any costs and all around the globe. Maybe ur soul mate can be on the other side of the planet, or maybe in Europe, in America, even in ur own country, as long as u don’t like to settle for compatibility try looking outside ur well known life-circle for a change..u’ll be surprized of what u can find!


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